Thursday, 20 August 2015

No Bake Peanut Butter Pie

Look at how quick and easy this Peanut Butter pie is to make!

All you will need is Graham Crackers, Sugar, and melted Butter to make the crust. Press that mixture into the pie plate and set it aside in the fridge.

Then you will need smooth Peanut Butter, cream cheese, whipped topping (be careful of low fat options because it could make the mixture more runny) you will also need powdered sugar.

Use your hand mixer to combine those ingredients and mix them together until well blended.

Take the pie crust out of the fridge. Spoon that mixture onto your pie crust. Spread it around until it evenly fills the crust.

Place in the fridge for 1-2 hours

Top with whipped cream when serving. Add crushed peanuts on top as an option.

Cheesy Tater Tots

I found this gem floating around my Facebook feed this week. The video is from Tasty.

Seems all you need is shredded hash browns, three eggs, flour, salt and pepper. Mix it together. Cube a block of cheese. Take a cube of cheese and grab some of the mixture and surround the cheese cube the stick it on a frying pan with some hot oil on it and fry it til golden.


Halloween cupcakes

This ones seems fairly simple.

Make a batch of whatever your favorite cupcakes are... or maybe even pumpkin muffins ;)

Spread whatever icing you like on top of the cupcakes. dip the iced cupcakes, face down in a bowl of your favorite Halloween themed sprinkles.

Place three white chocolate covered pretzels, one on top of the other, onto the center of the cupcake.

Get a cake pop stick and insert it in through the pretzels and into the center of the cupcake. It might be wise to add the marshmallow that you have decorated with a skeleton face on it, to the stick before insertion into the cupcake.

Take another pretzel and break it into two pieces and use those as the skeleton arms

Voila! A cute Hallowe'en treat :)